Stress Relief Bundle

Stress Relief Bundle

$157.00 NZD
A diagnosis of cancer, doctors visits, tests and treatments all provide a level of stress and immune function can be negatively effected by a great amount of sustained stress. Try to manage your feelings of stress or anxiety, which can help keep your immune system strong and give you a sense of calm.

Bundle Contains:

  • Bach Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml

    Helps to relax, focus and calm during stressful situations. Keep in your bag to have on hand whenever you need.

  • Artemis Stress Relief Tea

    This tea employs the abilities of St John's Wort, which is highly effective in treating depression, stress and other nerve related issues. This tea is safe to consume while on other medication, unlike when taken in tablet form.

  • Lakako Coconut and Kukui Nut Balm 60ml

    A balm for all skin types. Packed with nature's potent anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Nourish your skin, calm your mind and elevate your spirit. Use on whole body, hair, hands and feet..

  • Artemis Deep Sleep Tea

    It is often difficult to stop your mind from over thinking, making sleep difficult. Use deep sleep tea every night before bed to help you get a full nights rest. It is often said that the body does it's greatest amount of healing during sleep and times of deep rest.

  • Thompsons Organic Magnesium 120 Tabs

    Magnesium helps to reduce nervous tension and supports a healthy nervous system.

Please ensure you seek the advice of your medical team before taking these supplements as there maybe contraindications with some treatments or surgery.