By Nourish Holistic Health and Nutrition

Winter is a terrible time for sickness.  It is so disheartening as a parent when our little ones get sick time and again over winter.  I used to feel this frustration so often…. I have always feed my boys super healthy fresh organic food, but they still seemed to get sick just as much as other kids and I couldn’t understand why. I have since studied the biochemistry of the gut and it has all became clear!!!


The Gut is absolutely the root of all sickness, in fact 85 % of our immunity is housed here, therefore if our gut is off then so is our immunity. Our digestive lining is covered with billions and billions of friendly bacteria, these bacteria grab hold of toxins, bacteria, viruses and excrete them in the form of our stools!  In fact our faeces is almost entirely dead bacteria and fibre.  You can imagine if the gut bacteria has been depleted by the likes of antibiotics, chemicals, processed food/drink and phytic acid (from nuts/seeds/legumes/grains which are not properly prepared) what an impact this would have.  These damaging factors deplete the good bacteria and all of a sudden there is nothing to grab hold of the invaders and excrete them. The flow-on effect is that these bacteria and viruses can then take over our bodies and make us sick.

So how do we strengthen our kids immune system (and our own) to be resilient to illness or recover from it?


1. Eat whole foods, nothing processed or packaged.  Real nutrient dense food.  Mostly plant based.

2. Double your Greens……Green leafy vegetables are an absolute super food when it comes to immunity.  Include greens at every meal (See my blog posts on how to get your kids to eat their greens)

3. Eat mushrooms.  Mushrooms have profound medicinal properties, they alert our immune system to invasion from parasites, bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells (cancer).  Eat raw or cooked either one is fine, just get them in!!!

4. Bone broths.  Bone broths are traditional broths made from slow cooking bones/joints etc of animal bones (chicken, fish, beef) this process extracts minerals, (minerals are housed in our muscles and bones) collagen and gelation from the joints and bones into the broth.  Mineral salt is also added.  Bone broths heal our gut lining so good bacteria can grow and thrive in our digestive tract.  Broths also help to heal leaky gut syndrome, stopping toxins leaching into our blood stream (causing allergies and autoimmune conditions).

5. Have fermented food daily….now that the gut lining is strengthened with the broth, introduce fermented food such as Kefir, coconut yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut etc these foods bring the good bacteria back in to repopulate the digestive tract so it can once again function optimally.

6. Take good quality supplements, its important to have a good multivitamin to bridge the gap between the nutrition coming in and the actual nutrition required by our bodies.  Also take a course of probiotics to really strengthen the good bacteria and cod-liver oil (this is high in vitamin D and A, essential for immunity) or algae/flaxseed or fish oil (make sure it is tested and proven to be clear of mercury).  We also take vitamin D in winter and get a lot of sunlight in summer as Vitamin D  is essential for a healthy immune system.  Lypospheric Vitamin C is also a fantastic addition for optimal health.

These steps will help your child’s immune system strengthen substantially.

Our family has been following this regime very closely, focusing on a largely plant based diet with massive amounts of veges and greens, broth, mushrooms, quality organic meat, berries and fruits, nuts and seeds.  We bridge any possible gaps with supplements….. I feel like we’re starting to crack it.  The kids have been so strong.  They’ve had the odd day off school with very mild symptoms, such as a fever, however they are over it within a matter of hours and have hardly suffered.

I support their bodies with fluids and cooling measures, rest and bone broth……. no pharmaceuticals needed. Allow them time to recuperate, don’t send them back to school/kindy straight away, let them have a day to regain their strength otherwise their immunity will again be faced with an onslaught of bugs when its at its lowest.

Rest and nourishing food is essential to rebuild our bodies to optimal wellness.

So thank you and go forth and nourish your little ones to be the strong beautiful people they're destined to be.

Abby Soares

Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, Health Coach

Nourish Holistic Health and Nutrition Ltd