Pre-Surgery Bundle

Pre-Surgery Bundle

$207.00 NZD
Prepare your mind and body for surgery so you can achieve the best possible outcome. Make your surgery a positive experience.

This Bundle Contains:

  • Having Surgery? By Bev Silvester-Clark, Rita Marsh & Stephanie Stanfield

    The Having Surgery? Book and audios transforms your relationship to both surgery and recovery. You are shown how to leave negative experiences and fears in the past and how to create the ideal healing environment in which your body can achieve rapid recovery.

  • Thompsons Co-Enzyme Q10

    A powerful antioxidant, supports cardiovascular health and thought to speed up the healing process.

  • Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus

    Contains herbs and nutrients that may help with feelings of fatigue and stress, maintain a healthy immune system, protect the liver and aid tissue repair.

  • Artemis Stress Relief Tea

    This tea employs the abilities of St John’s Wort, which is highly effective in treating depression, stress and other nerve related issues. This tea is safe to consume while on other medication, unlike when taken in tablet form.

Please ensure you seek the advice of your medical team before taking these supplements as there maybe contraindications with some treatments or surgery.