PALM PROJECT Skin Rejuvenating Niang Soap (Large)

$8.91 NZD
One Coconut Tree produces Coconuts quickly and regularly for up to 75 years.  When prepared naturally and traditionally, using a wet-milling process and with minimal heating, it contains a powerful list of antioxidants.  Additionally, because of its unaltered chemical structures, it is readily absorbed by our skin.

The local Niang (Turmeric) plant is used for its flavour in cooking, and for its colour in dye and natural paint.  Curcumin, an active component of Turmeric, inhibits the growth of some skin cancers including Melanoma.


Virgin Coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, fresh Niang (Turmeric), Tea Tree oil, Frangipani.

*not present in final product.

Palm Project is a community based programme initially formed to make soap to assist with the eradication of the increasing cases of scabies, louse and skin infections. The soap has become so valued that Palm Project is now in phase two of the project and hopes to turn the soap making into a business that will improve the livelihoods of the whole community.