Breast Cancer Survivor
Yasmin Farry
Founder My Wise Body, Show Producer
New Zealand
Inflammatory Breast Cancer
  • What was your diagnosis?

    Inflammatory breast cancer, quite a rare form at the time.

  • Did you use a mixture of medical and complimentary treatments?

    Yes I did. My medical specialists were amazing, but I quickly realised that I also needed to do some research as to how I could best support my body and my mind through the gruelling chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. Ian Gawler's book "You Can Conquer Cancer" was a starting point for me and set me on a really amazing path and gave me a lot of hope.

  • What were the main components of your daily regime while receiving cancer treatment?

    Meditation, visualisation exercises, vegetable juices and a bucket load of vitamin supplements. I also adjusted my diet to be mostly vegetarian, I cut out processed sugar and limited my dairy intake.

  • What were your top healing products at that time?

    I felt that the following were a huge help in getting me through the treatments, especially chemotherapy, they supported my immune system in between the treatments and I think made a huge difference, as I was not ill once from the chemo.
    My top products were - Vitamin C, Fish Oils, CoQ10, Barley Grass powder and digestive enzymes. At some stages I think I was taking about 19 capsules 3 times per day! I of course consulted a naturopath as I wanted to know when I should and shouldn't take the supplements as some can interfere with the effectiveness of some treatments.

  • What are the main components of your daily regime today?

    The main components would have to be a daily glass of water and lemon juice on rising, I've been doing this since my diagnosis 10 years ago. I still take vitamins especially a good multi-vitamin, also vitamin C and fish oils and in times when I have a big work load I'll also take Withania and Ginseng to give me a boost.
    I'm still extremely conscious of the food I eat and always read the labels in the supermarket, when I cook I'm always consciously using food that is said to help prevent cancer, so lots of sprouts, watercress, broccoli, kale and cabbage.

  • What are your top three healthy living tips?

    Eat Well.
    Be Positive and gives thanks for every day.
    Stay stress-free.
    I could go on!

  • What was the most valuable lesson you learned from cancer?

    Not to take my body for granted, that I am not invincible and that I should listen very closely to what my mind and body is telling me. In short to trust my gut instinct.

  • How is your life different today?

    Very different. Being a breast cancer survivor is always in the back of my mind whatever I do, and I use this to keep me living the best life I can. I no longer stress about work and I'm definitely not a workaholic anymore. I take time out for myself when I can (not always easy!) and enjoy the little things. Life is not always a walk in the park, so I use the tools I learnt while fighting cancer to get me through the tough times and this also allows me to be more present with each day. I am extremely happy to be alive!