Are you suffering from chemo brain?
Believe it or not this term is now widely used by cancer survivors to describe changes in memory, focus and concentration after chemotherapy treatment. Some chemotherapy treatments can make you feel foggy in your thinking and forgetful. This is in addition to the stress you may be feeling while trying to heal yourself. Be reassured that you are not going crazy and that you are not alone in this.

Some cancer patients are more affected than others by chemo brain and while for many people their brain recovers over time, for others it can have longer lasting effects.

Chances are you may have chemo brain if any of the following apply to you:

  • Trouble remembering simple everyday things
  • Remembering dates, names and events becomes difficult
  • Unable to do more than one task at a time
  • Difficulty remembering words and completing sentences

However there are some simple and easy steps to keep your mind active and on the track to recovery:

  • Take notes and use a daily diary or planner
  • Take memory enhancing supplements such as Vitamin E and Gingko (shouldn’t be used when taking blood thinning medication) Vitamins & Minerals
  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet help keep the brain active and alert
  • Meditating daily helps to focus the mind and has many other health and healing benefits.

For more in depth information on chemo brain and studies being undertaken check out The American Cancer Society