Ian Gawler

Meditation Pure and Simple

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Powerful medical research suggests that a steady meditation practise can prevent illness, maximise performance, is a profound healing technique and leads to peace of mind.

Meditation - Pure and Simple is a definitive guide to the basics of mediation by one of the world’s foremost teachers, Dr Ian Gawler. This book will guide people through the difficult times many experience when beginning to meditate and encourage even the most reluctant person to become a dedicated daily meditator.

This book details how to deeply relax and still the mind. The exercises outlined in this book are also available on CD - Meditation Pure & Simple.

Full title: ‘Meditation – Pure & Simple’
Author: Dr Ian Gawler

  • Release Date: 31 May 1998
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 142
  • Publisher: Michelle Anderson Publishing
  • ISBN: 009780855