Kiwiherb™ Kids Calm (3.4fl.oz.US/100ml)

KIWIHERB Kids Calm (3.4fl.oz.US/100ml)

$33.53 NZD
Kiwiherb's™ Kid’s Calm is a delicious tasting syrup that helps calm irritable or over-excited infants and children, and soothes upset tummies. Kid’s Calm contains certified organic Chamomile, a herb used for centuries and proven in scientific studies to be effective for the treatment of digestive upsets and to promote calmness and tranquility in children.

Indications for use:
• Irritable or restless children
• Wind or digestive upsets
• Difficult to settle infants  

Other features:
• Flavored with 100% natural blackcurrant and strawberry and sweetened with organic rice syrup, this delicious formula is easy to give to even the fussiest child.
• Alcohol free
• Specially formulated for infants & children aged 0-12 years
• Certified organic herbal ingredients
• Kid’s Calm is now gluten free, with a new natural strawberry and blackcurrant flavor
• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or colors are used in this product.

Notes about key ingredient Chamomile:

Botanical Name:    Matricaria recutita

Common Names:    German Chamomile, Scented Mayweed

Part Used:    Flower

Popular as a tea, Chamomile has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries, primarily for digestive complaints and as gentle relaxant. The essential oil is also a popular ingredient in skin care products and is one of the most commonly used oils in aromatherapy.
Apigenin, a constituent of Chamomile, has been shown in clinical studies to decrease anxiety and act as a mild sedative. This gentle, calming action makes it an ideal herb for restless and anxious children.

Apigenin and various components of the volatile oil of Chamomile, have also been shown to inhibit the formation of inflammatory chemicals in the body and to have antispasmodic activity.  These actions make it useful as a digestive tonic.  A study showed Chamomile, in combination with pectin (found in fruits & vegetables), to be effective in reducing the duration and discomfort of diarrhoea in children.

About Kiwiherb™:

specializes in 100% natural, premium herbal health products for the whole family. The Kiwiherb range provides trusted solutions for common health concerns including:
- Natural Remedies for Children’s Health
- Immunity
- Stress & Sleep
- Digestion & Detox
- Menopause Support

Kiwiherb™ products are developed by a team of highly experienced medical herbalists and pharmacists, drawing on sound traditional and scientific evidence.

Made in New Zealand from the finest herbal ingredients available, with certified organic and New Zealand grow ingredients selected wherever possible.