Bev Silvester-Clark, Stephanie Stanfield and Rita Marsh

Having Surgery book by Bev Silvester-Clark

Having Surgery? Prepare Well to Recover Well Using the Power of Your Mind!

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Achieve the best possible outcome from your surgery by reading this book. People all over the globe experience common pre-surgery fears, like the following:
  • Fear of needles
  • Pain
  • Complications
  • Inability to cope
  • Slow recovery

This book and included audio will give you the knowledge to use the power of your mind to calmly and confidently deal with your surgery and recovery time. Growing scientific research suggests that the more relaxed and less anxious you are prior to surgery, the better the outcome. People can experience more rapid wound healing, less pain, fewer complications, less blood loss, fewer post operative infections which all leads to higher levels of comfort and faster recovery.

What others have said about ‘Having Surgery?’

  • “This invaluable material shows how everyone can become a peak performer in a mind/body preparation for surgery. I have personally witnessed the power of the holistic approach to healing as I have seen members of my family defy expectations in their rapid recovery from surgery. I would thoroughly recommend ‘Having Surgery?’ to everyone facing the challenge of surgery.”
    Dr. Robin Youngson MA, MB, ChB, FRCA, FANZCA, Anesthesiologist and international patient safety expert.

  • “Doing this program gave me the confidence to go through with the surgery. I approached the operation calmly, had no blood loss or complications and was home in record time. I spent one week on crutches and recovered remarkably quickly. At my six week review, my surgeon was amazed at my progress and I put this success down to what I gained from this material.”
    Ross Garrick

  • “‘Having Surgery?’ gives the person who is soon to have surgery and the person who is recovering from surgery a responsible and active role in an otherwise dependent and passive experience. The surgical team is well aware of the benefits derived from a patient’s positive mindset. ‘Having Surgery?’ shows both caregiver and carerecpient the pathway to incorporating the PATIENT, as an active, responsible PERSON in the surgical team. After all, it is the patient’s mind and body.”
    James F. Bascom, MD, FACS