To make our business more sustainable and to offset the carbon from our overseas shipping, we plant a native tree on the historic Huriawa Peninsula for every 25 orders we receive at My Wise Body. We started this practice at Ethical Healing and it’s been so successful (and so gratefully embraced by our local community and iwi), that we decided to include our tree planting pledge on all of our orders.

Here is what the local Ngai Tahu Runaka or Tribal Council had to say about our planting programme.

”As stewards of Huriawa Peninsula, Kati Huirapa Runaka warmly welcomes the contribution of My Wise Body & Ethical Healing to the biodiversity of this fragile environment. The planting of local indigenous plant species to Huriawa stabilizes erosion and helps to restore the natural habitat of a number of key bird and insect species that have declined through past farming practices. It also enhances the experience of the many visitors who come to this special place. Thanks Mark & Emma.”

Brendan Flack. Environment Officer at Kati Huirapa, Ngai Tahu, Aotearoa, New Zealand

Meet the fabulous George Meikle, the man in charge of our planting program on Huriawa Peninsula.
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