CLINICIANS Bone Essentials (90 caps)

CLINICIANS CardioCare (90 Caps)

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Heart health should be at the top of everyone's agenda. Clinicians CardioCare is a unique and scientifically based formulation designed to support cardiovascular health. CardioCare is designed to maintain healthy cardiovascular function, including heart, circulation and blood vessels. A unique combination of key amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients to support heart and circulatory health.

CardioCare Benefits:

  • Nutrient support for Cardiovascular Health, Lowers blood markers for potential blood vessel damage, Contains cofactors that are known to support arterial health and address nutritional deficiencies that can result from poor health, and a history of smoking.
  • Contains 3 key amino acids to support heart and blood pressure health (L-arginine, L-carnitine, L-taurine).
  • A combination of moderate exercise and antioxidant vitamins A,C and E (all found in CardioCare) may work together to support a healthy cardiovascular system and healthy blood flow.
  • Antioxidant vitamins A,C and E also protect blood vessels from free radical damage.
  • Clinicians CardioCare provides all the key B group vitamins to help the body from forming dangerous metabolites that can lead to arterial damage.


  • The only cardiovascular formula in NZ that contains 3 key amino acids for Cardiovascular health.
  • Especially suited to individuals taking conventional medication
  • Contains nutrients that research shows are involved with heart function
  • Can be used with blood thinners and blood pressure medication

Active Ingredients per capsule:

Vitamin A (from retinol acetate) 833 IU(250mcg)      
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)  1.7mg
Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxine hydrochloride)     3.3mg
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)  16.7mcg
Folic Acid  100mcg
Vitamin C (from calcium ascorbate) 83.3mg
Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate)  22.3mg
Magnesium (from magnesium citrate) 50mg
Zinc ( from zinc amino acid chelate) 2.7mg
L-Arginine hydrochloride 33.3mg
L-Carnitine(L-carnitine-L-tartrate) 66.7mg
L-Taurine 33.3mg
Also contains: magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide.No added: gluten, dairy, yeast, artificial colours or preservatives.

Recommended Dose:

Adults: 1 capsule 2 -3 times daily with food.

Contrindications & Cautions:

For individuals taking cardiovascular and/or blood thinning medication, blood pressure and INR (International Normalised Ratio) levels should be regularly monitored, particularly at the start of  supplementation.

The beneficial effects of Clinicians CardioCare may reduce blood pressure and medication requirements. Any modification to prescription medication should be under needs health professional supervision.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:
Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding as to date there is insufficient reliable evidence regarding the safe use these amino acids (L-arginine, L-carnitine and taurine) during this time.

More Information:

The average Kiwi diet is high in fat, cholesterol, calories and salt, and our lifestyles are far too sedentary. Despite the seriousness and prevalence of heart disease, cardiovascular problems needn’t be inevitable. Clinicians CardioCare alongside a healthy diet and exercise may offer the support you need.

Looking after your cardiovascular health is an important consideration for many New Zealanders. The heart is about the size of a fist, yet it is one of the hardest working organs in our bodies. It beats about two and a half billion times in an average person’s life without ever taking a break.