Book Bundle Starter Pack

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‘Knowledge is Power’ so arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible while fighting cancer. These books give you the best on subjects covering nutrition, meditation and preparation for surgery and other treatments.
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Bundle Contains:

You Can Conquer Cancer By Ian Gawler

This third edition contains all of the original information alongside important new information and self-help techniques. You Can Conquer Cancer is remarkable for it’s clarity, and enlarges upon what is a truly integrated, holistic approach to cancer. It emphasises the large role that nutrition, power of the mind, meditation, family and social support and the spiritual dimension play in managing and preventing this disease.

Shattering the Cancer Myth By Katrina Ellis

A professional and personal approach to fighting cancer. The fourth edition of this book includes new innovative cancer therapies, full supplement support programs for treatments and surgery, full diet programs and so much more. Shattering the Cancer Myth will empower you and give you so many tools in the fight against cancer.

Having Surgery? By Bev Silvester-Clark, Rita Marsh & Stephanie Stanfield

The Having Surgery? Book and audios will transform your relationship to both surgery and recovery. You are shown how to leave negative experiences and fears in the past and how to create the ideal healing environment in which your body can achieve rapid recovery.